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Without Making a Single Phone Call

Our experienced remote cold callers will unearth every hidden deal on your list and send hot leads to your CRM in real-time… so you can close your next deal as soon as tomorrow.

Put the phone down. We’ll take it from here.

No more burnout. No more overwhelm. No more hours wasted dealing with angry people.
With [NAME], you can skip the phone headaches and jump right to “hot, motivated leads.”

We make it as easy as 1, 2, 3…


Our Cold Callers Contact Everyone on Your List

   Armed with proven sales scripts, unique word tracks, anti-spam technology, and expert-level real estate knowledge, our highly-trained cold callers will do whatever it takes to reach every possible lead on your list – even the ones who’ve been hanging up on you for months.


Our [NAME] System Uncovers Motivation

   Next, our cold callers will screen for opportunities following a “triage” model to get the hottest leads into your CRM as fast as possible—while determining motivation levels, building rapport, and gathering the property details you need for a successful appointment.


We Send You Hot Leads Instantly!

   The leads appear in your CRM in real-time, packed with notes and ready for your team to convert! Alternatively, if you want, our cold callers can even schedule appointments for you, putting meetings directly into your calendar… so you can sit back and close deals!

Imagine opening your calendar tomorrow and finding 2-3 appointments already scheduled with motivated off-market sellers who trust your company and can’t wait to hear your offerv – and in the “notes” section, you find all the property info and personal details to help you build instant rapport.

That’s the power of the
[NAME] cold calling system.

Proprietary [NAME] System

Our custom phone scripts and conversational hooks have generated more than $9,000,000 in profit for other real estate investors. Now it’s your turn.

CC System
  • “Seller Hook” Phone Scripts & Message Templates
  • “Instant Rapport” Process Keeps Sellers on the Line
  • Deep Motivation Screening to Uncover Hidden Deals
  • Advanced Data Collection (Property Details, Equity, & More)
  • Relentless Followup Schedule
  • Layered Scripting Draws Out EVERY Lead & Deal

Highly-Trained Remote Cold Callers

Our secret weapon? Great people. Our VA phone sales professionals are some of the most highly-skilled virtual assistants in the world.
CC Users
  • Expert Phone Sales Skills & Communication
  • Real Estate Knowledge (Terms, Strategies, & Solutions)
  • Advanced Objection Handling
  • Neutral-Accent VAs – Ranked Top 3% in the World
  • Highly Experienced Cold Callers With Proven Track Records
  • Actively Managed by In-House Management Team

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our “anti-spam” tech stack is designed for optimal results and peace of mind, giving you seamless access to leads and appointments in real-time
CC Tech
  • “Spam Filter Evasion” System
  • Proactive Number Cycling to Prevent Burnout
  • Advanced Dialer for Speed & Reach
  • Direct CRM Integration + CRM Setup
  • Direct Calendar Integration (For Appointment-Setting)
  • Real-Time Lead Delivery

Proven Results

Our proprietary approach was created, tested, and proven by real estate phone sales expert Valentina Brega in her role at one of the largest off-market real estate companies in the US.
CC Results
  • 100’s of Real Estate Deals Sourced by Our Cold Callers
  • No Contact Left Untouched – We Call Everyone!
  • Full Transparency & Reporting
  • Never Wonder What’s Getting Done – You’ll Always Know
  • Easy-to-Reach Customer Service & Tech Support
  • #1 Most Effective Way to Turn Your List Into Deals!

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(calling 10 hours/week)



  • professionally trained cold caller
  • Training focused on disarming sales techniques and rapport building
  • calling your skiptraced lists
  • weekly reports on list performance
  • dedicated HireTrainVA manager
  • email and phone support
  • no setup or hidden fees

Add-on – Tech Pack: $297

(Dialer, Phone # and spam check)


(calling 20 hours/week)



  • professionally trained cold caller
  • Training focused on disarming sales techniques and rapport building
  • calling your skiptraced lists
  • weekly reports on list performance
  • dedicated HireTrainVA manager
  • email and phone support
  • no setup or hidden fees

Add-on – Tech Pack: $297

(Dialer, Phone # and spam check)


(calling 40 hours/week)



  • professionally trained cold caller
  • Training focused on disarming sales techniques and rapport building
  • calling your skiptraced lists
  • weekly reports on list performance
  • dedicated HireTrainVA manager
  • email and phone support
  • no setup or hidden fees

Add-on – Tech Pack: $297

(Dialer, Phone # and spam check)

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Real estate investors across North America are saying cold calling is their #1 lead source for off-market deals.

There’s no question about it – you NEED to be tapping this income stream. But doing it yourself takes a ton of time and effort.

We can help.

   Cold calling is a numbers game. For it to work, you have to spend hours per day pounding the phones, grinding through hundreds of “no’s” to get to the “yes’s.”

   It takes a lot of skill to do this well… and a lot of mental toughness to stick with it for more than 30 minutes.

Well, for most business owners and entrepreneurs,
here’s what you have to do next…

   That means dialing hundreds of numbers that go straight to voicemail…
   Dealing with wrong numbers and hangups…
   Getting yelled at by angry people…
   Trying to build rapport and screen for motivation while keeping the other person on the line…
…and more

   Even if you have the skills, most real estate investors don’t have the TIME to hit the call volume they need. And let’s be honest here… most entrepreneurs don’t enjoy cold calling and aren’t exactly excited to do it. This leads to burnout, procrastination, low energy, and that dreaded sick feeling in your stomach every day when you sit down to start making calls.

  So there’s really only one conclusion…

If you want to get deals from cold calling,
you need a dedicated cold calling team..

You got into real estate investing
so you could be free…
not chained to a dialer.

That’s where we come in.

Fast Results With the [NAME] System

The secret to your success is our proprietary “[NAME]” system – which has brought in more than $9,000,000 in sales for other real estate investors (and counting).

VB Headshot 06 jpg

Other companies will give their cold callers a basic script, set up a dialer, and start burning through your list. That’s NOT what we do.

We’re not just making calls for you…

…we’re taking your contacts through a PROVEN SYSTEM of unique “hooks” that get sellers to respond, fine-tuned conversation scripts that keep them on the line and unearth hidden motivation, and a relentless followup process that puts our callers in front of even the most “hard-to-crack” leads.

This system has been honed and refined over YEARS of real-world use… and it has brought in more than $9,000,000 in CLOSED REAL ESTATE DEALS.

Ready to unleash this unstoppable system on your list?
The Results You’ll Get…
Wake up every day to fresh leads in your CRM
and appointments on your calendar.

When our phone sales experts get in touch with one of your contacts, they’re not just going to gauge motivation and screen for interest. Our system, scripts, and in-house real estate expertise allow our cold callers to take your leads all the way from first contact to in-person appointment – something no other “cold calling service” can do (at least as far as we know).

   That’s right – depending on your preferences, our cold callers will set appointments for you, meaning you won’t even have to reach out to the lead again before meeting the seller in-person.

Now that’s powerful!

   Not comfortable with that? If you prefer to include an in-house screening step before appointments are set, that’s no problem – our cold callers will add hot leads directly to your CRM, in real-time, as they make contact… letting your lead intake team take over instantly while leads are at their hottest.

(Leads will be added to your CRM either way. Appointments will only be set if you choose to give us access to your calendar and note your availability.)
You’ll Always Know What’s Getting Done
Experience peace of mind with proactive reporting, monitoring, and transparency.

   You’ve heard the horror stories… and maybe you’ve even lived them yourself.

   “I sent my list to a cold calling agency, but I only got one or two leads… I don’t know how often they were dialing the list… I had no idea how many calls were happening, or if they were following up or not… they just kept telling me my list was bad and it was my fault I wasn’t getting leads… I tried to get my money back but they went dark… I promised myself I would never go through that again.”

   Yikes. Unfortunately, there are some bad apples in the cold calling world…

   That’s why we’ve designed our system with BUILT-IN reporting and full transparency, so you ALWAYS know how many calls are being made, how frequently, how your list is performing, lead history, and other key details.

VB Headshot 06 jpg

   In addition to thorough notes on each hot lead we send to you, you’ll also receive weekly detailed reports showing how many calls were made, how many connections and conversations took place, and more.

Our Cold Callers Aren’t Just Cold Callers…
They’re “Real Estate Deal Makers”

Our phone reps receive the most advanced real estate training of any cold calling agency, following systems and scripts developed by one of the fastest-growing off-market real estate investing companies in the world – with continuous call monitoring and internal feedback to keep them at the top of their game.

Sure, every cold calling service trains their VAs on phone sales skills, at least a little…

But we go beyond the sales tactics and train our cold callers on the principles of off-market real estate investing—how it works, what to look for, deal scenarios and exit strategies, solutions to specific seller problems, market trends, and more.

All so they can make your company sound knowledgeable and trustworthy on the phone.

And it works…


Who This is For…
If you’re a house flipper or you’re wholesaling properties… or you’re a rental buyer looking for off-market homes to add to your portfolio… our proprietary cold calling system will uncover the “hidden deals” buried in your list.
Here’s who we can help…
  • You have a list of off-market sellers you think might be motivated… but you don’t have the time (or the team) to make thousands of phone calls yourself.
  • Or maybe you are making calls, but your leads aren’t picking up the phone or calling you back… and trying to get in touch with a “real” person is like looking for a needle in a haystack.
  • Or maybe you haven’t even started marketing to sellers yet – because the idea of sitting at your computer calling people who don’t want to hear from you for HOURS and HOURS every day just makes you want to give up and go hide in a closet.
If you’re facing any of these challenges right now,
our HIGHLY-TRAINED cold callers can help.

   We’ll make the calls, handle the followup, manage the tech side (number cycling, dialers, getting through spam filters, CRM integrations, and more), and even set appointments directly in your calendar in accordance with your availability – so all you have to do is hand us your list, then sit back and get ready to close deals.

“Won’t This Burn My List?”

Let’s dive into some frequently asked questions, concerns, and fears…

   Many real estate investors who come to us for help have been burned by not-so-great cold calling agencies in the past. Or they’re unsure about the idea of cold calling altogether… they’ve heard it can be effective, but they have some reservations.

“Isn’t this going to burn my list?”

“VAs will connect at a lower percentage than ‘local’ callers, I’m sure… maybe I should just make the calls myself or hire someone local I can watch like a hawk…”

“Serious sellers won’t want to talk to a VA. These cold callers are going to push away the ‘best’ leads.”

We get it. We’ve heard these concerns.
But you won’t need to worry about any of this when working with us.
1. We use balanced dialing methods and finely-tuned followup schedules to ensure we’re hitting everyone on your list multiple times—without burning them out. This guarantees you the best coverage, highest lead quality, and optimal list health.
2. Our cold callers are highly-trained—not just in phone sales skills but in real estate strategies too. Our VAs know more about how to source off-market deals (and how to get sellers to play ball) than many professional real estate investors!

3. You’ll never be “out-of-the-loop” when working with us. Because recruiting, training, and managing VAs is our entire focus, our internal sales managers are constantly monitoring our cold calling team – which means you’re getting a more rigorous and “hands-on” level of accountability from our cold callers than you would if you tried to do this in-house with your own team.

No Complicated Setup Process
Start Getting Leads Today!
“I’m ready to start! How soon can I expect my first lead?”

   As soon as you sign up and send us your list, we leap into action—we can have our team calling your contacts within the next 2 hours or less.

  (With $0 setup fee!)

   That means you could start seeing scheduled appointments with motivated sellers in your calendar by lunchtime.

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