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    You can get a refund ______ you return it within 30 days.

    He can't find a rental property and blames the market ______ the increase in real estate price.

    I didn't understand at first, but then _____ .

    The seller refused _______ information about the property.

    A ______ is the amount of money a person owes to the bank after purchasing a house.

    I just spoke with the seller ______ day.

    _____ we give a good price, Mr Smith is not selling his house.

    The seller would rather_____ into the house and alarm the tenants.

    The seller decided to put _____ selling the house for at least one more year.

    ______ the house needs a lot of work, the seller is still asking for market value.

    Read the email below and answer the question

    Why is HR sending this email?

    If the caller is not interested in an offer but has questions about our process, make sure to address them fully. There is a reason they ask these questions. And remember that it’s a _____ target: today's cold lead might be tomorrow's hot one.

    What is the best synonym for the word "recall" in the following sentence: It's not possible to recall everything if you don't take notes in the CRM.

    The sellers made some changes and turned the garage ____ an extra bedroom.

    Quality is at the forefront of our company and each lead, whatever its motivation, is _______ following the same process and quality service.

    One of the first actions of our new COO last year was to _______ all employees' training needs.

    We need to make sure we keep our client _______ during the construction phase.

    I am not sure our company buys commercial properties. I will _______ and get back to you.

    Let me tell you ______how my conversation with the seller went.

    If a house is vacant, it means that the house is ____ .