Got Virtual Assistants?


In the VA GYM, we monitor and train your VAs for you—so you can focus on growing your business

WITHOUT micromanaging your team.

Sales Training + Call Analysis + Activity Tracking + Time Management + KPI Reporting


What You’ll Find Inside the VA GYM Program…

  • EWeekly Sales Training to Continuously “Uplevel” Your VAs—Making Them Just as Effective as Professional “Local” Closers, at a Fraction of the Cost
  • EOngoing Personal Feedback and Call Analysis to Equip Your VAs for Maximum Success
  • ENever Wonder if Your VAs Are Actually Doing the Work—You’ll KNOW! (Without Wasting Time Micromanaging Them)
  • ESit Back and Watch Your VAs Hit and Exceed Their Numbers Every Week With Our Detailed Activity Tracking and KPI Reporting


Have 3 or more VAs? Reach out for a deal!

Virtual assistants are awesome.

   They’re affordable, readily available all over the world, and you can plug them into your business and start getting results right away.
   But managing them can be difficult—and it can take a lot of time and training to get them performing at the level you want.
   As a business owner, you don’t have time to micromanage a team of VAs.
   You don’t have time to give them continuous personalized feedback to help them improve.
   That’s why I built the VA GYM.

Are your VAs actually doing the work they say they’re doing?
Are they operating at their full potential?
Or are leads and deals and critical tasks falling through the cracks?

When you enroll your virtual assistants in the VA GYM, here’s what will happen…

  • You’ll Always Know What Your VAs Are Doing:

Are they making calls? Hitting their numbers? Clocking the right hours? You’ll never have to wonder again. In the VA GYM, we manage your VAs so you don’t have to—and we report EVERYTHING back to you.

  • We’ll Track and Monitor Your VA’s Activities and KPIs:

Get weekly reports breaking down EXACTLY what your VAs are doing—and what they’re NOT doing. If your VAs aren’t achieving their metrics, we’ll work with them 1-on-1 to figure out what’s wrong and get them back on track.

  • Coaching Calls With Your VAs Every Week:

We believe your VAs are key members of your team—and if they’re not succeeding in their roles, the entire company won’t succeed. That’s why we get on personal calls with each VA in the VA GYM at least once per week to mentor, train, and encourage.

  • Your VAs Will Be Equipped and Trained to Make More Sales:

With the right objection handling, closing strategies, call management skills, and followup processes, your VAs will be set up for success—potentially outperforming even the most skilled “local” closers!

  • Red Flag Warnings:

As a business owner, the last thing you want is your VA disappearing or quitting on you without notice. Through our process, we continuously monitor for specific “red flags” that indicate your VA is planning to jump ship. We keep you informed of any potential issue so you’re never caught by surprise.

  • VA Replacement:

As a VA staffing company, we are CONSTANTLY sourcing elite virtual assistants from around the world who are trained and ready to dive into their long-term position. In the VA GYM, you’ll have access to the best of the best should you need to replace one of your VAs. (If initially hired through

  • You’ll Get Access to Our Private Facebook Community:

Connect directly with me and my staff and hundreds of other business owners leveraging VAs to increase their revenue, save time, and cut costs! Ask questions, learn strategies that work, and discover new growth opportunities inside the VA GYM’s private BUSINESS-OWNERS-ONLY Facebook group.

Equip Your VAs for Maximum Success

Join the Only 100% Hands-Off VA Management & Training System For Just…

Have 3 or more VAs? Reach out for a deal!

Just look at what others are saying:

Got Questions?

If you’d like to learn more about the VA GYM, reach out to me at (615) 988-5110
or by email at I’m happy to jump on a call and answer any questions you have.

of your TEAM!

Enroll your team in the Training Program built on  experience and dedication, that consistently DELIVER GREAT RESULTS!


Get your team to the next level with:

FOOLPROOF Training Program
weekly coaching calls and accountability – ($997 value)
monthly mindset sessions on, work ethics, loyalty, core values and performance improvement to better serve the employer – ($297 value)
weekly call analysis, reports and feedback to employer – ($397 value)
access to coach for any questions at any time – ($297 value)
Private community on Facebook to get  support at any time – ($97 value)
Future hiring packages at 20% discount  – (up to $594 value per hire)
Hiring INSURANCE package
VA Replacement for the same role if originally hired by us – ($297 value)
Permanent access to the “Draft Board” – a highly curated list of available VAs and their resumes, interviews, personality profiles, desired wages. Under 5% of all applicants qualify for it! – ($197 value)
We’ll make sure your “seats” are never vacant
"KPI Beast" Tracker
KPI tracker: daily, weekly, monthly and yearly monitoring – ($297 value)
Weekly reports and accountability on KPI’s – ($97 value)
Weekly data BackUps – ($37 value)

Total Value: $3604


Have 3 or more Team Members? Reach out for a deal!

Have 3 or more Team Members? Reach out for a deal!

Successful companies continuously train their teams!

Watch your team get better within the next 30 days and GET YOUR TIME BACK !!!

100% NO-RISK…

30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

Hey, this is Valentina, and I guarantee that you’ll LOVE our service…

and if for some reason you decide later that our service is not a fit for your business, we’ll  reimburse you without any penalties or fees.

– Valentina Brega

Just look at what others are saying:

Start leveraging the best practices
of successful teams:

  • quick access to best talent
  • continuous training with the experts in the field
  • daily accountability and KPI tracking
  • regular motivation and mindset coaching
  • transparency and healthy culture
  • support from the pros when have questions

Got Questions?

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