This is a big and important step to success!

You might be wondering: “What if I hire a Virtual Assistant and they leave in a few months?”

There’s always the chance that a VA might leave for one reason or another, but it’s not exclusive to virtual assistants. This can happen with your local employees, contractors, or any type of relationship.

But we got you covered!

   Consider this “Insurance Package” to benefit for the VA replacement at any time without paying another hiring package.


We will replace him/her at any time and at your request


Cancel any time!

This package does not include any training or KPI tracking.




    Our Hire Guarantee acts as an insurance and it will help you alleviate the stress of staffing, so you can focus on developing your business. If your VA leaves at any time or if you request a different person, we will provide a replacement ASAP!

You can only benefit from this offer at hiring time.

Once you leave this page this offer will not be valid anymore.

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