This Weird Tool Lets Me See

EXACTLY What My Team is Doing
and What They’re NOT Doing

in One Simple Automated Spreadsheet!

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I never knew tracking my team’s performance could be this thorough and easy…

Take the Guesswork OUTof managing your team

I never knew tracking my team’s performance could be this thorough and easy…

KPI Beast by HireTrainVA.com
KPI Beast by HireTrainVA

KPI Beast brings all your employees’ activities into one centralized location where you can keep tabs on not just the KPIs but the ACTIONS and TASKS that lead into those KPIs…

…letting you easily see where problems are occurring and where your team needs to improve BEFORE issues spiral out of control.

Hi! I’m Valentina Brega

  When I started growing my business, I hired a team of virtual assistants to get things done… but managing them quickly became a REAL PROBLEM.

  At first I thought I was doing everything right.I had set clear KPIs that I expected my team to hit each month…

  I had told them what actions they needed to take to reach those KPIs…

  And I was watching the numbers like a hawk to keep us on track.

  But for some reason, sales weren’t growing.

  Half the time we weren’t hitting our KPIs, and the worst part was…

  …I couldn’t figure out why.

  As far as I could tell, my team was doing everything I had asked them to do.

  And these were good people I was working with.

  I knew them, I had trained them, and I trusted them.

  So what was going on?

  Well, it turned out the answer was simple…

  Here and there, specific tasks and activities were getting missed. Steps were getting skipped. The actions that fed into my carefully-crafted KPIs weren’t always happening consistently…

  …and I had no idea.

  It took me a while to figure out where the “gaps” were…

  But once I did, I was able to fix things, train my team better, and get us back on track.

However, I knew I needed a more permanent solution.

I decided right then and there that I didn’t want to be “in the dark”
about what my team was doing ever again.

So I created a tool that would let me see the numbers behind the KPIs quickly, at a glance.

And it was like magic… With this single “automated” spreadsheet, it was like I could see problems before they happened. And I know it will do the same for you.

When you connect your KPIs to the KPI Beast system, a few things will happen…

  • You’ll start seeing who on your team is succeeding, who’s going above and beyond…
  • You’ll see who’s falling behind and who needs improvement…
  • You’ll see what tasks your team is skipping and which steps of the process are getting overlooked…
  • You’ll see exactly where the ball is being dropped, every time…
  • Which means no more wondering why your team isn’t hitting their numbers…

This kind of clarity is PRICELESS for business owners.

And that’s not all…

KPI Beast doesn’t just look at KPIs. It looks at the efficiency of your team as a whole and individually… breaking down their performance in specific areas and revealing specific issues.

And after you’ve used it for a little while, you’ll be able to see whether your KPIs are calibrated correctly. You’ll be able to answer questions like “Am I actually pursuing the right KPIs?”And “Are my KPIs realistic?” So in addition to keeping tabs on your team, KPI Beast will also reveal high-level trends within your business that you might not have noticed before.

That’s the power of KPI Beast.

Fast insights. Powerful results.

  • Spot Hidden Performance Issues: KPI Beast doesn’t just track KPIs; it tracks the specific activities feeding those KPIs, so you know exactly where the problems are.
  • Incredible Detail:Allows you to spot the exact tasks and activities your employees aren’t doing, helping you to address issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Weighted KPIs: Prioritize KPIs based on their importance to your business, ensuring that you focus on what matters most.
  • KPI Calibration: KPI Beast will show you if your KPIs are correctly set and realistic, giving you valuable insights into your overall business performance.
  • Team Efficiency:KPI Beast doesn’t just look at KPIs; it evaluates the efficiency of your team, breaking down their performance into specific areas and issues.

Get the “single spreadsheet” that could change everything for your business today…

There are so many complex team monitoring and reporting systems out there…


  • They’re Hard to use & Expensive.
  • Some of them make you pay monthly, forever, just to access them…
  • Takes months to implement
  • Require you to completely re-train your team on a new system…

… and in the end, they only work halfway, leaving gaps in your reporting that you have to fill in yourself.

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  • It’s a single spreadsheet.
  • It takes almost NO TRAINING to implement with your team.
  • You can get it up and running in less than an hour.
  • And it’s affordable, putting it in reach of small business owners and large teams alike.
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I wish you and your team the greatest success!

– Valentina Brega