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Unlock Your VA’s Full Potential
With WEEKLY 1-On-1 Training, Call Analysis,
Activity Tracking, & “Done-For-You” Reporting

  • Weekly Sales Training to Continuously “Uplevel” Your VAs—Making Them Just as Effective as Professional “Local” Closers, at a Fraction of the Cost
  • Ongoing Personal Feedback and Call Analysis to Equip Your VAs for Maximum Success
  • Never Wonder if Your VAs Are Actually Doing the Work—You’ll KNOW! (Without Wasting Time Micromanaging Them)
  • regular motivation and mindset coaching
  • Sit Back and Watch Your VAs Hit and Exceed Their Numbers Every Week With Our Detailed Activity Tracking and KPI Reporting

100 Tasks You Can “Automate”
With a Virtual Assistant (VA) for Just a Few Dollars an Hour

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What You Need to Know
BEFORE You Hire a VA
(free guide)

   Follow a proven step-by-step system to get the right VA for your business, without stumbling into the “rookie mistakes” other people have made. Our free “VA hiring guide” reveals what you need to know in advance so you can…

  • Keep costs low…
  • Access the best talent…
  • Scale your business…
  • Reclaim your time…

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Sales Call Analysis
For Just $7 Per Call

   Find out what your team is doing WRONG on the phone… and what they SHOULD be saying instead to keep leads engaged and close more sales.

   We’ll analyze one of your team’s calls word-by-word and break down the exact changes you need to make!

Real Estate Investors:

Get My “Deal Magnet” Phone Scripts

Cold Calling | Lead Intake | Followup | Objection Handling

I’ve used these EXACT PHONE SCRIPTS to generate $9,000,000+ in profit for a private real estate investing company. These word tracks have been tested, refined, proven, and USED DAILY by me and my team. Now you can get ALL MY SCRIPTS in one place for just $47!

Take the Guesswork Out of Managing Your Team

   Get the complete team tracking system that lets you monitor your employees and virtual assistants from a SINGLE SPREADSHEET.

KPI Beast by HireTrainVA
KPI Beast by

Hire your best
virtual assistant now!

   Whether you’re looking for a full-time or part-time position, we’ve got you covered.