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   Check out this detailed course on how to find and manage your own Virtual Assistant. We hold nothing back and show you our process to find and maintain top talent! We’re answering all your how-to’s in our PROVEN process.

Hiring Virtual Assistants – The Ultimate Guide


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   A bad hire is costing you a fortune! Find out our PROVEN process on how to identify, find, train, manage, and keep the best help for your business. This course is perfect for team leaders and entrepreneurs.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The secret to hiring the best virtual assistant
  • The most important questions to ask at the interview
  • The easiest way to track VA productivity and payment
  • How to craft a hiring ad that will give you the best candidates
  • Our step-by-step process, email templates, and documents
  • How to foster your VA’s loyalty

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PRO Package

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   This is ideal for entrepreneurs who don’t have time to train new virtual assistants, or who don’t have a good training system in place. We will find the right person and completely train them for the role in your company*

*not applicable for all positions

Basic Package

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   This package is best for established companies that have a great training program, and are simply looking for the right person to join their company. We will fully screen the candidates and check references before we present them to you.

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