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Phone Scripts

I’ve used THESE EXACT PHONE SCRIPTS to generate $9,000,000 in profit

for a private real estate investing company. These word tracks have been tested, refined, proven, and USED DAILY by me and my team.” – Val Brega

Now you can get ALL MY SCRIPTS in one place for just


Become Instantly Confident on the Phone – and Turn “Defensive Sellers” Into “Easy Deals

  • Know Exactly What to Say and When to Say It

(Never stumble over your words again – become instantly confident on the phone and take FULL CONTROL of every conversation.)

  • Disarm the Most Stubborn and “Defensive” Sellers

(Even the ones who say “You’re the one who called me, so I’m not telling you anything until I hear your offer…” there’s a script for that!)

  • Avoid the “Conversation Traps” That Suck Your Time and Push Sellers Away

(Seamlessly draw out the exact details you need so you can make an informed offer—without the seller knowing they’re playing right into your hands.)

  • Learn How to Handle Even the Wildest Objections

(Objections are opportunities—and with these scripts, you’ll know how to “reverse” objections so they WORK FOR YOU.)

  • Uncover Hidden Motivation, Build Rapport, and Establish Trust

(These scripts will have sellers saying “Even though your offer wasn’t the highest, I chose to work with you because I like you!”)

  • Turn “Unwinnable” Deals Into Pure Profit – Again and Again

(Just follow the word tracks and watch the deals practically close themselves!)

Sound too good to be true?

Keep reading and I’ll show you why I’m 100% CONFIDENT these scripts will do ALL OF THIS AND MORE…

Hi! I’m Valentina Brega

  If you’re an off-market real estate investor and you’re currently closing LESS DEALS than you think you should be… your “phone skills” might be the problem. I’m talking about things like…

  • How you answer when a seller calls…
  • How you control the conversation…
  • How you “hook” sellers to keep them on the line…
  • What you say (and DON’T say) to build rapport…
  • How you get sellers to trust you…
  • How you handle objections)…
  • How you uncover the data you NEED TO KNOW and steer the call where you want without making the seller feel defensive…
  • What you reveal (and DON’T reveal) about yourself and your company…
  • How you transition to the “close…”

  I spent 3.5 years running the phones at one of the largest and fastest-growing real estate investing companies in the United States.

  In that time, we were setting 40+ seller appointments PER WEEK.

  We were closing 15 to 20 deals PER MONTH, all from off-market lead gen campaigns.

  All because of these scripts I’m about to share with you…

I’m going to hand you the exact phone scripts we used to generate $9,000,000+ in profit from off-market deals in just 3.5 years.

Did you know there are specific words and phrases that can turn motivated sellers into dead leads… within just 30 seconds?

You might be saying some of these things right now without even knowing it.

But the right phrasing… the right questions… the right conversational structure… can take even the most defensive sellers and get them to tune in and pay attention.

This is true whether you’re cold calling, answering inbound calls, making followups, or anything else.

We spent years (and thousands of dollars) figuring out

EXACTLY what to say to “hook” sellers and
control EVERY conversation.

I wrote everything down.   I turned it into a system.   And now I’m giving it to you.

Considering the time, money, and mistakes that have gone into creating these word tracks, the documents
I’m going to send you should really cost upwards of $4,000 at least.

But I’ve experienced the peace of mind and instant confidence that comes from picking up the phone and knowing
you have a script that works.

And I want to get this script book into the hands of as many real estate investors as possible.

(So you can enjoy that same peace and confidence… while closing more deals than ever before!)

That’s why the price is just $47

Cold Calling Script

  • Tells you exactly what to say when reaching out to potential off-market sellers who have never heard of you before and aren’t expecting your call.
  • Avoids the awkward “I’m calling you because…” ramble and jumps right into building rapport and qualifying the lead (often within seconds).
  • Makes you instantly confident so you can dial all day long without worrying about what to do when someone picks up… crushes your “phone fear!”

Inbound Calling Script

  • Reveals the secret process you can use to instantly screen and qualify leads (without them even knowing you’re doing it.)
  • Walks you through exactly how to handle stubborn sellers who refuse to give you the info you need (this process turns them into willing prospects, whether they want it or not)!
  • Gets you a better return on your marketing dollars by hooking and engaging every lead that calls in, so you’re not leaving money on the table.

Follow Up Call Script

  • Shows you how to start the conversation without giving away too much—and how to re-qualify sellers fast once you get them talking (so you don’t waste time on leads that are still dead).
  • Reveals how to handle brush-off statements like “I’m busy” and “I’m still not ready” and “I’m going to fix up the house before I sell.”

Objection Handling

  • Breaks down 38+ objections you’re encountering on a daily basis and gives you MULTIPLE WAYS to “reverse” them and get sellers to play ball.
  • The most comprehensive and detailed “objection handling” scripts ever compiled for real estate investors!

Acquisition Script

  • Shows you how to build trust with the sellers so that you don’t sound like a pushy sales person AND get more deals closed.
  • Reveals different ways to ask questions to uncover motivation, find deal killers, and negotiate deals in-person and over the phone.

What You’ll Find Inside My
“Real Estate Investor Script Book”

  • The one phrase you MUST avoid at the start of a call… it’s something almost EVERYONE instinctively says (are you making this mistake?)… (PAGE 7)
  • The two riskiest questions to ask (you NEED to ask these questions, but WHEN you ask them is critical… there’s a right way and a wrong way to do it)… (PAGE 5)
  • How a single punctuation mark gives you complete control over the conversation (and lets you stay in control no matter what the seller says)… (PAGE 6)
  • Why it’s important to get the seller to tell you things you already know (and when to use this tactic in the conversation)… (PAGE 8)
  • There are two ways to ask what the seller thinks their house is worth. One way will anchor the seller high, turning a great deal into a non-starter in seconds. The other way will anchor the seller low, letting you potentially get your offer at the exact right price while making the seller appreciate your numbers. It all comes down to a few specific words… (PAGE 9)
  • Why encountering “objections” is a GOOD sign… (PAGE 6)
  • The 3 THINGS you need to do FIRST when you encounter any objection… (PAGE 10)
  • The exact thing to say when the seller says “You called me, so make me an offer right now…” (this gets the conversation back on track in seconds)… (PAGE 8)
  • Why you SHOULDN’T ask sellers when they’re available to meet with you (say THIS instead)… (PAGE 16)
  • How to keep a seller from hanging up when you’re making a followup call (stops them from trying to get you off the phone)… (PAGE 18)


The best part about controlling the conversation is…

…you get to the point faster.

  • You get the details you need…
  • You get the seller’s buy-in…
  • You get commitments for next steps…
  • You get the results you want…
    1. …with less effort
    2. less “going-around-in-circles”
    3. less time wasted.

    Never wonder “what to say” again.

    Never feel like you’re “losing control” of a conversation.

    Spend LESS time on the phone…
    while building MORE rapport
    and setting MORE appointments.

    Ready to connect with more sellers, win more contracts,
    and buy more houses, at lower prices, with higher margins?

    These scripts have generated
    over $9,000,000 in profit.

    We’ve spent years developing, testing, and improving them.

    I’ll make you a guarantee…

    If you grab my real estate investor phone scripts, read through them, and decide they aren’t what you’re looking for, just send me an email at


    and let me know…

    ..and I’ll IMMEDIATELY refund your $47.

    I’ll even let you keep the script book. Does that sound fair?

    (I want this to be a TRULY RISK-FREE decision for you.)

    Got questions? Want to talk to someone before you buy?

    It’s easy to reach out to me and my team.
    Just shoot us an email and we’ll help!