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Benefits of Hiring a Cold Calling Virtual Assistant for Real Estate through HireTrainVA

  • Save time.
  • Focus on high-value tasks.
  • Cost-effective.
  • Access to experienced professionals.
  • Increase lead generation.
  • Scale your business with limited overhead.
  • Support tailored to your needs.
  • Consistent and reliable efforts.
  • Free up resources for other critical areas.

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   Looking to scale your real estate business without the hassle of managing an in-house team? Our cold-calling virtual assistants are the perfect solution.

   At Hire Train VA, we provide highly trained real estate cold callers who can help you generate more leads, set appointments, and grow your business.

   Our virtual assistants are skilled professionals who understand the nuances of the real estate industry, allowing you to focus on closing deals and maximizing your success.

We frequently declare that time is our most precious resource, that can not be replenished.

and yet we find ourselves buried in minor tasks, sidelining our true priorities…

   I was trapped in this pattern for a long time too. It took a considerable amount of time to establish systems and refine strategies to identify best talent and truly become proficient in delegating tasks.

   Now, my mission is to help thousands of business owners to reclaim their time and even multiply it.

   We already helped hundreds of business owners to step on this path. If you’re aiming for the same goal, hit the button and let’s get started!


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as far as i’m aware, there are no ways to turn the time back…

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Hey, this is Valentina, and I guarantee that you’ll LOVE our service…

and if for some reason you decide later that our service is not a fit for your business, we’ll  reimburse you.

– Valentina Brega

Frequently Asked Questions


What tasks can virtual inside sales agents handle?

Our virtual inside sales agents can handle lead qualification, appointment setting, product demos, sales script development, CRM management, and reporting. They act as an extension of your sales team, driving revenue growth.


How do you train and equip your virtual inside sales agents?

We provide comprehensive training on inside sales techniques, product knowledge, and CRM usage. We equip our agents with the latest tools and technologies to optimize their efficiency and effectiveness in their roles.


Can virtual inside sales agents integrate with our existing CRM and sales tools?

Absolutely! Our virtual inside sales agents possess extensive experience in utilizing popular CRM platforms and sales tools. We ensure seamless integration to maintain data accuracy and streamline processes.


How do you ensure data security and compliance when working with remote agents?

We adhere to strict data security protocols, including secure access controls, encrypted communication channels, and regular security audits. We train our agents in data protection best practices and ensure they comply with relevant regulations.


What industries and niches do your virtual inside sales agents specialize in?

Our virtual inside sales agents have experience across various industries, including SaaS, healthcare, financial services, and e-commerce. We match agents with relevant industry expertise for your specific niche.


Can you provide multilingual support for inside sales campaigns?

Yes, we have a diverse team of virtual inside sales agents proficient in multiple languages. We can support your global internal sales campaigns and target specific language markets.


How do you monitor and track the performance of virtual inside sales agents?

We use advanced analytics and reporting tools to monitor key performance indicators such as call volume, conversion rates, and revenue generated. Regular performance reviews and feedback sessions ensure continuous improvement.


What are the benefits of hiring virtual inside sales agents over an in-house team?

Hiring virtual inside sales agents offers cost savings, flexibility, and scalability. You can access a larger talent pool, avoid overhead costs, and scale your inside sales efforts up or down based on demand.


Can you customize the inside sales process based on our specific requirements?

Absolutely! We work closely with you to understand your unique sales process, target audience, and goals. Our virtual inside sales agents adapt to your specific requirements and align with your brand voice.


How do you handle lead nurturing and follow-up in the inside sales cycle?

We train our virtual inside sales agents in lead nurturing techniques. They use personalized email campaigns, targeted content, and timely follow-ups to guide leads through the sales funnel and maximize conversions.

More About Us From Our Clients

Success Stories


Dave Pere


   Val replaced the VA that didn’t worked, NO QUESTION ASKED! I’m a big fan of how easy it is to work with them!

Adam Whitney

Adam Whitney

BlackJack Real Estate

   We hired a bunch of cold callers and that made us $110,000 and it was because we got VAs who were trained. You’ll never find another company that has this kind of service.


Jon Lallande

American Home Acquisitions

   We were having no luck hiring on our own, and getting good candidate for about a month. I’m with my new VA from HireTrainVA now, and I cannot be happier.


Chad King

Titan Capital Group

    I highly recommend Val to optimize your business efficiencies, dive into your systems and processes, and tune them up!

Mike AJX

Mike Blair

AJX Homes

  Valentina has jumped into our organization and got a hold of our sales team and lead management. She helped with training, leadership, and getting the systems and processes down.

Alexis Anderson

Alexis Anderson

Coastal Mountain Home Buyers

  We have 4 cold callers and Val trains them weekly. It has been amazing for our team. Our cold callers are excited about HireTrainVA. And we have more time to run our business.

Ron Angel

Ron Angel

Present Day Properties

  My experience with HireTrainVA was amazing, they were super responsive. My cold caller brought me a deal in the first month and it was an amazing assignment fee.

Glenn Williams

Glenn Williams

K&G Investments

  We were very picky about who we wanted to join our team. We’re very happy with how that’s turned out so far and the service we have been provided has been amazing!


Amanda Howell

Atlas Homes Tulsa

  I highly recommend Val. She has a great system in place, so it’s with my full endorsement one of the best investments you can make in your company.

Arthur Botting

Arthur Botting

Florida Property Solutions

  I was looking for VAs on my own and training them, and didn’t have any success. I spoke with Val about my problems and she was very helpful and held my hand. I am closing a good deal next week that came from HireTrainVA.

Lyle Spann

Lyle Spann

Sparrow Real Estate Investing

  Looking at many VA companies, we came across Val and we were blown away by the process and value they provide at HireTrainVA. We decided to pull the trigger and couldn’t be any happier!

Yuri Berman

Yuri Berman

REL ESTATE  Investor

  I was against hiring because I don’t do it well. I needed someone who would step in and help me out. HireTrainVA found the right person for me that’s taking a lot off my shoulders.

Ronnie Mossotti

Ronnie Mossotti

Diversified Property Group

   We immediately hired a VA from Val. I’m happy to say he’s still with the company and is now in a supervisory role. We turned to HireTrainVA to add a second VA. They take the guesswork out of it.

Colin Spivey

Colin Spivey

GGI Home Buyer

  We hired three virtual assistants from Val’s company and they all have been amazing. We have four contracts in escrow right now that have come from this company, roughly $80,000 in gross profit.

Therese Anderson

Therese Anderson

Coastal Mountain Home Buyers

  I have been using Val’s system for the last 6 months. She has helped my VAs get better at scripts, she provides training and coaching to them so they are more stable and give a higher level of production.

Ashlea Detwiler

Ashlea Detwiler

BlackJack Real Estate

   We were having no luck hiring on our own, and getting good candidate for about a month. I’m with my new VA from HireTrainVA now, and I cannot be happier.

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let me know if this sounds familiar…

“I know a virtual assistant will be great for my business…
but I don’t know where to start or what to delegate.”

If you’ve never hired a VA before, I’m sure there are a lot of
questions running through your mind right now.

Questions like…

  • What if I don’t have enough work for my VA?
  • What if my VA leaves after I hire them?
  • Can I trust a VA with sensitive information?
  • Will the VA be able to handle the tasks I give them?
  • Will I have to micromanage my VA?
  • What if I don’t know what tasks to give my VA?
  • What if there’s a culture or language barrier?
  • How do I track my VA’s productivity?

   This is why we’re here – to clear up these “what-ifs” and give you clarity on how to hire, train, and manage your virtual assistant for maximum impact.

Book a free VA strategy call and let’s dig in!

What Will You and Your VA Accomplish Together?

Save time. Cut costs. Automate critical tasks. Grow your team. Boost revenue. Scale your business.

It’s all possible.
And it starts here, at HireTrainVA.
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What is a real estate cold-calling virtual assistant?

A Real Estate Cold-Calling A virtual assistant is a remote professional who specializes in making cold calls on behalf of your real estate business.

They receive training on engaging with potential leads, providing information about your services, and setting appointments for you or your sales team.

By utilizing a virtual assistant for cold calling, you can expand your reach, save time, and generate more opportunities for your business.

The Key Responsibilities of a
Real EstateCold-Calling Virtual Assistant are listed below.

   A Real Estate Cold-Calling A virtual assistant is responsible for conducting outbound calls to potential leads, following a script, or using talking points provided by you.

   They will engage with prospects, answer basic questions about your services, and aim to set appointments or gather contact information for follow-up.

   They also maintain detailed call logs, track metrics, and provide regular reports on their progress. We train our virtual assistants to professionally and effectively represent your brand.

We provide professionally trained cold callers for your real estate business

   At Hire Train VA, we understand that cold calling requires specific skills and expertise. That’s why we provide extensively trained, professional cold callers who are well-versed in the real estate industry.

   Our virtual assistants undergo rigorous training to master the art of cold calling, objection handling, and appointment setting.

   They possess the necessary knowledge and techniques to interact with potential leads and transform them into business opportunities.

Hire a virtual assistant

How Our Cold Caller Virtual Assistants Are Different from Others

   What sets our Cold Caller Virtual Assistants apart is our comprehensive training program and dedication to your success.

   We invest in the development of our virtual assistants, equipping them with skills and knowledge unique to the real estate industry.

   Our virtual assistants are not only proficient in cold calling but also understand the nuances of real estate, allowing them to have meaningful conversations with potential leads.

What Can a Real Estate Cold Calling Virtual Assistant Do for You?

   A real estate cold-calling virtual assistant can revolutionize your lead generation efforts and help you scale your business. By consistently making cold calls on your behalf, they can expand your reach, engage with potential clients, and set appointments for your sales team.

   This frees up your time to focus on high-value tasks such as closing deals and nurturing relationships with clients. With a dedicated virtual assistant handling your cold calls, you can expect increased productivity, a steady stream of new leads, and ultimately, business growth.

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