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About Valentina

– Founder/CEO of, a platform dedicated to connecting entrepreneurs with virtual assistants.
– Host of the podcast “Built With VAs”, with insights and tips for entrepreneurs looking to scale their business with the help of virtual assistants.
– Passionate about fitness, spending quality time with my family, and exploring new places through travel.
– A seasoned entrepreneur with a strong interest in personal and professional development.

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Valentina Brega

Speaking Topics

– Effective Real Estate Lead Management: best practices for generating, nurturing, and converting leads in a highly competitive real estate market.

– The Art of Perfecting Sales Scripts: the secrets to crafting sales scripts that will engage and persuade your prospects.

– Hiring the Right Team: key strategies for building a successful team, identifying talent, creating a successful culture.

– Building a company from the ground up: lessons learned, overcome challenges, build a strong foundation and culture

– Leadership and mindset shifts

– Personal Development: practical tips and techniques for identifying your strengths and weaknesses, setting goals, and taking action towards achieving your dreams.

– The Art of Delegating Responsibility: the benefits of delegation, how to identify the right tasks to delegate, and how to manage your team to ensure success.

– Seizing Opportunities both in personal and professional life.

– Inspiration to Take Action: overcome fear, doubt, and uncertainty, and take action towards achieving your goals.

Recent Appearances

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